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2014 D.H. Feloney Burglary of Habitation-Dismissed


2014 E.G. Felony Tampering with Evidence-Acquittal, Not Guilty


2014 F.J. Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and Tampering with Evidence-Dismissed


2014 H.P. Online Solicitation of Minor and Attempted Sexual Assault of Minor-Plea to Misdemeanor Assault


2014 J.H. Evading Arrest or Detention Misdemeanor- Dismissed


2014 J.N. Possession of Dangerous Drug Misdemeanor-After requesting and the court granting a mistrial the State dismissed case.


2014 Q.M. Felony Assault Family Violence-Dismissed


2014 J.T. Assault and Criminal Mischief-Dismissed


2013 B.W. Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and Felony Unlawful Possession of Firearm-Dismissed


2013 L.W. Driving While Intoxicated-Dismissed


2013 L.L. Assault Causes Bodily Injury-Dismissed


2012 L. H. Sexual Assault of a Child-Acquittal, Not Guilty


2012 F. P. Felony Delivery of Controlled Substance-Acquittal, Not Guilty


2012 C.P. Possession of Marijuana-Dismissed